Quality vehicle servicing by a professional and qualified team.

We look after your vehicle, your family’s vehicle and your friends vehicle.

We log book service their car to ensure their warranty stays valid and also provide value for money servicing with a professional team.

We can offer all our fleet services to you and your families too.

Remember your family travels in your vehicle so you need to ensure your vehicle is safe for your family. Book in with us for a vehicle safety check before you go on your next holiday.

We specialise in 4WD servicing and maintenance. Matt’s extensive knowledge in 4WD’s will help you achieve what you need for your 4WD. Love your 4WD, we do too!

We offer vehicle services that include:

We can organise:

Fleet Servicing

We specialise in fleet servicing, so if your vehicle is with a leasing/fleet company, we can provide your vehicle servicing and repairs.

Female Friendly

Ladies, not sure what your mechanic is telling you? We provide "jargon free" professional expert advice about your vehicle needs.

Log Book Servicing

Did you know you don't have to service your vehicle at the car dealership? Our log book servicing standards are above and beyond the standard requirements.

4WD Specialists

We are 4WD fanatics. It's what we do in our spare time, so we understand what you need when it comes to maintenance and repair of your 4WD.

We Also Service

We provide a wide range of vehicle servicing including trailers, caravans and light trucks.

Call us today on (07) 4775 5777 to book your service.

Trailer Repairs and Service

Caravan Suspension and Tyres

Light Truck Repairs and Service